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growing fresh ideas

The name Bratzler & Co. stands for new trends and fresh ideas – we offer the fruit business customized solutions which cover the complete chain of supply and marketing – from the growing to the packing of the product.

Fruit is a natural product. Factors such as taste or quality are unpredictable for the consumer who used to be able to rely on the professional advice of his local fruit shop; today, the retailer needs a striking concept to show the qualities and features of his product. And this is where we come in with the answers: a reliably reproducible and constant taste experience, new product ideas and an innovative handling of our fruits to increase the consumer’s awareness of the product’s quality and his willingness to repurchase.

The development of fresh ideas and their innovative marketing lie with our team of professionals. The focus of their work is always on the quality of the product as the best way to win the consumer’s trust is mainly through first-class taste and food safety. In addition, the impact of our business activities and environmentally-friendly logistics are always at the heart of our considerations.

In order to meet our high quality requirements, we maintain a direct and cooperative contact with a worldwide network of growers. And our close connections to reputed research institutes give us a head start when it comes to quality assurance: from product cultivation, through to transport and warehousing to ensure the constant high quality of all the products supplied by Bratzler & Co..