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At Bratzler & Co. we focus 100% on quality whereby we are always aware that our responsibility begins before our actual work itself and does not end in the retail trade. Our systematic approach is applied well beyond the factor of quality alone and is clearly apparent in the following sectors.

Close cooperation with reputed research institutes and universities has provided Bratzler & Co. with a wide range of knowledge regarding quality assurance, dependable delivery services and transparency concerning the fruits in which we trade.

Varieties and location
No one fruit is like the other. Not only the varieties but also the climate, the soil and the way the fruit is handled play important roles. That is why Bratzler & Co. visits the plantations and together with researchers checks the grower’s location to ensure the biological and geographical conditions are the best possible.

In a trusting cooperation with our suppliers we build on our fundamental research work and further refine all of the processes involved concerning our fruit. A close relationship with our suppliers, healthy varieties of fruit and control of decisive biological factors allow us to establish a basis for transparent and sustainably available quality.

When assuring food safety we go beyond what is legally required. Not only in the handling of the fruit after it arrives in our European locations but also during its cultivation we work closely together with our producers to ensure careful handling.

We also check the background of our producers on site as a matter of principle: are the conditions of work and hygiene satisfactory and what do the plantations and fields look like? Do the producers handle herbicides and pesticides in a responsible manner or do they have a fully integrated concept for the production of bio-products in operation? In this way, we work together with our growers even before the products are harvested to ensure good yields and to realize even better results.

For you, as the customer, our overall strategy ensures quality at a variety of levels to give you a first-class product in respect of taste, food safety, production standards, reliable delivery services and, not to forget, price.