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Fruits and Spices

For our consumption-ready mangos, avocados, and organic avocados, which go through an optimized ripening process, we have developed a new ready-to-eat concept: Fruits & Spices is a convenient concept that will introduce consumers to new flavour horizons:

Supplied in a sachet, finely balanced spice mixes provide the right kick for new ideas in the preparation of our fruits, whether it's for a spicy guacamole or an exotic-hot mango snack. Fresh solutions that will immediately spice up your cooking in today's fast-paced environment.

The “Fruits & Spices” concept offers consumers a new flavour experience through the Spice Pack sachet supplied in the packaging. In this way we create new purchasing incentives for the consumer and expand sales opportunities for the business.


VISUAL: Finely ground, with coarsely chopped herbs.
TASTE: Onions, garlic and paprika as a hearty base. Chili, turmeric, pepper, cumin and oregano to spice things up, refined with ground lemon peel, salt and sugar.
SO AVAILABLE: Organic version for your organic range.


VISUAL: Finely ground, with coarsely chopped herbs.
TASTE: Onions, garlic as a hearty base. 5.5% chilli for spiciness. Citric acid and lime oil, Sugar and dextrose for a touch of lime.

Our packaging

Discover the possibilities: >> Fruits & Spices packaging PDF <<

For our current range, we have created a simple yet appealing packaging concept.

Customisations can be easily carried out: No printed labels required thanks to a special foil type which can be printed and marked directly, or by using adjustable and customizable plastic packaging.

For the sake of preserving our environment, we also have packaging options made of biodegradable foil and creapaper trays.