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What we offer

Fruit backed by an idea

Whether selected fruit or standard products – Bratzler & Co.concentrate on innovations. Because we are convinced that all levels of product quality, supply chain and marketing can be optimized for the consumer, our customers, our growers, and for us.
One of our company’s specific approaches aims at maintaining the uniformity and consistency of our natural products. We focus on reproducible taste 365 days a year. We achieve this through specialization and consistent further development of all of the elements in the value creation chain – from growing down to delivery in the individual shops. In this way, we generate a concise profile as well as superior delicious products to turn consumers into fans!

Strong partners

Are you looking for first-class, reproducible and year-round quality?
Do you want to use strong communication to make the fruit you offer tangible?
Are you looking for an experienced and, at the same time, flexible and reliable partner?
We would be pleased to work out customized, innovative solutions with your cooperation, tailor-made to fit the profile of your marketing organization perfectly.