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Marketing concepts

In cooperation with our customers, we establish concise brand worlds for fruit: from procurement through to packing, for both premium products and the more favourably-priced. At the bottom line, everything must be just right – the quality, the look and the price. For a convincing brand experience, for consumers and fans.

Assured quality

Our brand names stand for maximum quality and unparalleled taste. Try them yourself! You will find the following brands in many grocer’s in Germany. Austria, France and Switzerland.

iss es!
lecker, buono, délicieux – in any language our iss es! fruits are like laughter in summer, like the feel of the sun on your face. Your body feels in top form. The world is bursting with taste and freshness – that’s iss es!

salut soleil
salut soleil fruits with their juicy, ripe and tender flesh and their simply unbeatable taste bring back memories of holidays in France. An absolute must for any gourmet! Just enjoy that full, sweet taste and unique fresh tingling sensation. Greet the sunshine with an outdoor picnic and enjoy watching the sunrays glitter through the fresh green leaves. That’s the salut soleil life style!

Our products are truly excellent. The quality of our fruit lies not only in the natural cultivation of different varieties but also in careful handling of the product. The fruit is grown and controlled in line with EU legislation for eco-agriculture; laws which are valid throughout the EU and so ensure uniform standards.