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Quality and freshness – this was Karl Bratzler’s commitment way back in 1925 when he, and two employees, began selling fruit and vegetables under the name of “Bratzler Bros.“. And already in the Fifties, the company – which was then still located in the city centre of Karlsruhe – set up the first banana ripening facilities. In the years following, the company expanded continuously and relocated in the Karlsruhe wholesale market where the company today is officially based.

In the Nineties, the company underwent strategic re-orientation in order for customers and consumers to benefit from the opportunities provided by a modern and international fruit market. Managing directors, Matthias Bratzler and Thorsten Blasius are convinced that the combination of fruit products from foreign lands and the current possibilities to be found in science, logistics, measuring and control systems, computer and internet technology allow a level of quality hitherto unsurpassed and improved marketing.

With ever-increasing import volumes from overseas, the decision to establish Bratzler & Co. B.V. in Poeldijk was taken in 2014. The location offers convenient proximity to major seaports, creates additional ripening capacities and opens access to new markets.

And the Bratzler & Co. slogan “growing fresh ideas” is also part of the programme. Roughly 100 employees work on fresh concepts for our companies in Germany and the Netherlands – the aim being to make consumers fans of first-class fruit and strong brands.